Albumin to Globulin (A/G) Ratio Calculator


Albumin to globulin ratio formula



This albumin to globulin (A/G) ratio calculator calculates the amount of albumin proteins that is found in the blood compared to the amount of other proteins (globulins).

The A/G ratio should be above 1. A value less than 1 is clinically significant.

Most of the body's total protein is a combination of albumin and globulins. Albumin is the protein that has the highest concentrations out of any other proteins in the body and is the main transport protein in the body. It also maintains oncotic pressure, so that blood doesn't leak from the blood vessels.

Low levels of albumin may be the result of inadequate production or excessive loss.

High levels of albumin may be increased in dehydration or any condition that results in a decrease of plasma water. Levels may also be increased in the infusion of albumin.

Albumin is more indicative of chronic deficiency rather than short-term deficiency.

The A/G ratio is useful in the evaluation of liver and kidney disease. Since the liver is involved in the synthesis of albumin, it may indicate liver disease. If the kidneys are defective, protein may be filtered out in the urine, leading to (excessive) loss of albumin.

The A/G ratio is calculated using the formula, A/G ratio= (Albumin Level)/(Total Protein - Albumin). Since the globulins make up the remainder of the total protein that isn't albumin, the ratio is really the albumin level over the globulins level.

A normal ratio is one where the result is greater 1. An abnormal value that is clinically significant is if the ratio is less than 1, indicating that the globulins proteins exceed the albumin protein. This would require further medical evaluation.

To use this calculator, a user simply enters in the albumin level, along with the total protein level, and click the "Calculate" button. The resultant A/G ratio will then be automatically computed and shown.

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