How to Build a RC Integrator Circuit

We will now build a RC integrator circuit. This is a circuit that only requires an AC waveform source and two electronic components, a resistor and capacitor.

AC Signal Source
10KΩ Resistor
A 3nF Ceramic Capacitor

The AC signal source most likely will come from a function generator. With a function generator, we can input many different types of waveforms, such as sine waves, square waves, and ramp waves. The components we will use are a 10KΩ resistor and a 3nF capacitor. However, if you do not have these values, you can approximate to values you do have.

This is the schematic of the circuit to be built:

RC Integrator Circuit'

Now if we put in square waves as input into the circuit, as output we will get an integrated waveform. This is shown below:

RC Input and Output Waveforms

This is a simple RC integrator.

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