How to Create a Date Object in Python


In this article, we show how to create a date object in Python.

In Python, there is a datetime module which can create dates and times.

In this article, we will show how to create a date object, specifically, not a time object.

We can create any date using the function.

Let's have a date, June 15,1987.

In the following code below, we show how to create a date object on the date, June 15,1987.

So let's now go over this code.

So the first thing we have to do is import the datetime module. The datetime module allows us to create date objects in Python.

We then create a variable, mybirthday. We set this equal to,, 6,15)

In order to create a date object with the datetime module, we pass into the function 3 parameters. The first 3 parameters are,month,day).

We then call the mybirthday variable and this returns,,6,15)

We then call the type() function on the mybirthday variable. When we do this, this returns the output,

Then, if we want, we can get the year, month, or day of the date using the year, month, and day attributes.

So datetime objects are important in Python because we can extract and break down dates easiers. We can get the year. We can get the month. We can get the day. With regular strings, we could extract these things, but it would be a lot more difficult than if we simply used a date object, as we can with the datetime module in Python.

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