How to Create a Video Manager in PHP & MySQL


In this tutorial, we show how to create a video manager in PHP & MySQL, kind of like a video manager that you would see on youtube.

With a video manager, users can manage videos that they upload to a site. A video manager may include options such as the ability to delete a video that has been uploaded, view a detailed view of the video so that a user can change the title of the video, and other advanced features such as the ability to edit videos.

In this tutorial, we just take a simple approach and show how to allow a user to delete videos that they have uploaded.

We provide this interface through the use of check boxes next to each video that has been uploaded. A user can then check the box and click the 'Delete' button in order to delete the video that has been checked off.

Again, video sites such as youtube, make wide use of this feature.

Since this is a simple tutorial, we will not be creating a video manager with all the advanced features of youtube, but give a basic start to how video managers can be constructed.

Below is a video uploader in which a user can upload videos and manage the videos to be able to delete uploaded videos.

Not quite how it would be in real life, but just serves as an educational tool.

Below is a video upload form. Give the video a description and then upload the video. You will see it appear in the table below.

Note that this video uploader only accepts the video formats mp4, ogg, and webm. All other formats will not work.

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Description of Video: