How to Download Linux Kernel Source Code for a BeagleBone Board using Git

Beaglebone black board

In this article, we will show how to download the linux kernel source code for a beaglebone board using git.

Linux kernel source can be obtained from the official git hub page of the Beaglebone Board at the following link:

You don't actually have to go to this page and download it from this page.

You can simply go to the linux terminal and use the git clone function and clone the linux kernel source code.

git can be obtained through the following code below.

This is shown in the image below.

Installing git in linux

Once git is successfully installed, then we can clone the linux kernel source code.

This is done by the following code shown below.

This takes several minutes to complete but once it's completed, you should get similar output to that shown below.

Cloning the linux kernel source code with git in linux

Now this linux source code will all appear in one directory named 'linux'.

It will appear in the same folder you were located in when you ran the git command to clone it.

Since I was in the home directory, it downloaded into this directory.

Below we show the downloaded linux directory in the computer system.

Linux kernel source code downloaded to linux operating system

When you click on this directory, you can see its content shown below.

Linux kernel source code directory contents

So now you have downloaded, or cloned, the linux kernel source code directly from the official github page of Beaglebone board.

This is how we can obtain source code from various projects that we may need to work with for different projects using git. In this example, we specifically download for the beaglebone board, but this can apply for any type of source code for any type of board.

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