How to Get All Values of a Form Field of a Database Table in Django


In this article, we show how to get all values of a form field of a database table in Django.

Let's say you have a model that contains the fields: id, title, content, and author.

And we want to get all of the id attributes from this model. Not the objects of the database but just specifically all of the ids from the form field, id.

To do this, we use the following code shown below.

So now in the variable, allcommentids, is a QuerySet of a list of all of the objects from the Comment database by the current user.

To simply make this a Python list, we can use the Python list() function on the variable.

This is shown below.

Now, the variable, allcommentids, is truly a Python list in its purest form.

Now you can do things such as check to see whether an id is in this list of ids.

flat=True returns the QuerySet in a list, rather than a tuple. So normally, this is preferred.

If you were to put this variable, allcommentids, in a context dictionary and send it to a template file, you could chckec to see whether a given id is within this list of ids through code, such as that shown below.

So this is how we can get all of the values from any form field in a Django and do real-world useful things with this data.

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