How to Get Help Information about a Class in Python


In this article, we show how to get help information about a class in Python.

So if you are working with a particular class in Python, you may need may help working with this class.

You can get this help by passing this class into the help() function in Python.

Let's say for example, we want to find information about the date class in the datetime module in Python.

We do this with the following code shown below.

So let's now go over this code.

So the first thing we have to do is import the datetime module. In order to get information about a class in a module, you first need to import that module. So we import the datetime module.

We then find out information about the class by passing it into the help() function.

After we do this, we get a lot of information about the class. Data descriptors defined here: | | day | | month | | year | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | Data and other attributes defined here: | | max =, 12, 31) | | min =, 1, 1) |

Here all of the methods of a class are listed.

We also have data descriptors for the date class data, which is day, month, and year.

We also have attributes for the data defined, such as the max value for the date object is, 12, 31), which is December 31, 9999. The minimum date that can be entered is 1/1/1.

So using the help() function can give us valuable information about a class in Python.

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