How to List the Commands of U-Boot in Minicom in Ubuntu Linux

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In this article, we go over how to list the commands of U-Boot.

We can do this in the minicom software in the Ubuntu linux operating system.

U-Boot is a boot loader used in embedded devices to package the instructions necessary to boot the devce's operating system kernel.

U-Boot is a program that enables a programmer to build his/her own custom boot loader, from which any operating system can be booted.

In order to do this, commands (or instructions) are needed.

A programmer must become familiar with the commands that U-Boot offers.

One good way to become familiar with the U-Boot commands is by first seeing them.

To list the commands of U-Boot, open up the minicom software and boot your board and then press the Space key so that you are brought to U-Boot.

Once you are at this screen, type 'help'.

This will give you all of the commands that are available for U-Boot.

This is shown in the image below.

Listing U-Boot commands in minicom in ubuntu linux

So you can see a variety of commands listed that U-Boot offers. These help form the commands needed to boot the kernel of an operating system for various type of device.

If you want to find out more about an individual command, type in 'help' followed by the name of that command.

This is shown in the image below for the eeprom command.

How to find out further information of a U-Boot command

So now this gives you further information about the eeprom command, including that we can read from it or write to it, where we would have to specify the device address.

We are also told that we specify the address offset, where on the device memory's we will read from or write to, as well as specify the number of bytes (we will read or write).

So this is how we can learn about any of the various U-Boot commands using minicom in ubuntu linux.

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