How To Measure Inductance


In this article, we will go over one main way to measure the inductance of an inductor or any device, and this is done by using an inductance meter. This may be a standalone capacitance meter or part of a multimeter.

Many multimeters today do not come with inductance meters, but a good few still do. If a multimeter has an inductance meter, it will show by having a "L" letter for inductance or "H" or "Henry" for the unit of inductance. You will be able to figure it out.

It's an important to have this feature on a multimeter because it's the easiest and most efficient way of measuring inductance. Any other way will be much more complicated and require many tools and apparatuses.

Measure Inductance with an Inductance Meter of a Multimeter

To measure inductance with a multimeter, simply switch the meter to the inductance meter and take the probes and measure across the leads of the inductor.

Measuring Inductance

This will enable you to read inductance.

Again, having an inductance meter is by far the best choice, because this enables you to get the quickest and most accurate reading. There are other ways to measure inductance, but will not be as efficient or accurate as simply having a meter.

If you need to measure inductance values regularly, it would be best to invest in a multimeter with this feature.

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