How to Remove the Underline of an Anchor Tag Using CSS


In this tutorial, we go over how to remove the underline of an anchor tag using CSS.

When you create an anchor tag in HTML, which is a tag which directs a user to another web page, by default, the tag comes underlined.

Below is an example of a common anchor tag you'd created which comes underlined:

Electronics tutorial site

Though this underline appears by default, it can be removed using CSS. To remove this underline which naturally appears, type in the following lines of code into the CSS page that your page links to:

With this line of coded added to your CSS page, the anchor tag above will now appear as:

Electronics tutorial site

There are many other modifications you can do as well to the anchor tag to get it to look and function exactly how you want it. You can change the color, you can make it change to a different color when a user is hovering over it, and many more modifications. We will discuss these in further tutorials.

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