How to Set Up Minicom To Be Used with the BeagleBone Board in Ubuntu Linux

Beaglebone black board

In this article, we go over how to set up minicom to be used with the beaglebone board in ubuntu linux.

So minicom is a software used in an linux operating system that is used to monitor serial communications between a microcontroller such as the BeagleBone and a PC.

Windows has this equivalent software in software such as Putty or Tera term.

Minicom is just for linux.

With a USB to serial adapter, we can use the minicom to monitor the output from the beaglebone board via the serial port.

So the first thing you must do is download the minicom software.

It's always good practice to update the operating system before you install the software.

So you can run the following commands.

This is shown below.

Installing minicom in ubuntu linux

Now that minicom is installed on the linux operating system, we now need to change some configurations in order to make this software functional with the BeagleBone board.

In order to make these configurations, enter the following command below into the linux terminal.

Entering this into the terminal produces the following window below.

Serial port setup in minicom in ubuntu linux

Now we must do the actual configurations in order it to work with the beaglebone board.

We use a USB to serial adapter to allow for communication between the computer and the beaglebone board.

The serial adapter end is attached to the beaglebone board. The USB end is connected to the computer.

Therefore, we need to set up the USB connection. We must specify ttyUSB0 as the USB device. That is the USB number which coincides with the USB to serial adapter port.

We must also set hardware (and software) flow control is no.

To access any of the parameters, look at the letters all the way to the left of the screen. To modify any value, you must press twice the letter to the left of the parameter.

So to modify the Serial Device, press 'A' twice. Then you can edit the device.

To turn off hardware flow control, press 'F' twice.

All the correct settings are shown below.

Configuring minicom in ubuntu linux

Once you are done with this, press 'Enter' and then select 'Save setup as dfl'

This is shown below.

Serial port setup- Saving the settings in minicom in ubuntu linux

This stands for save setup as default.

You want to save the setup as default, so that you don't have to adjust these settings every time you open minicom.

Then you can exit with these settings set correctly.

Next, plug in your beaglebone board with the USB to serial adapter connected to the computer, along with power for the board.

You must make sure that the linux operating system recognizes the beaglebone board, as well as the USB to serial adapter.

This can be done by going to the Devices tab of the menu and selecting the appropriate devices. When you see a check by the device, the linux operating system now recognizes them.

This is shown below.

Adding devices to the ubuntu linux operating systems

Now we have everything set to run the debian operating system on the beaglebone board.

So in order to start up the minicom software, enter in the following shown below.

This is shown below.

Starting minicom in ubuntu linux

Now in order to run the debian OS of the beaglebone board, simple press the reset button, S1, of the board, and then you should see the operating system boot.

Running the debian operating system of a beaglebone board using minicom in ubuntu linux

So this is how we can use minicom in a linux operating system to monitor serial communications between a beaglebone board and a computer.

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