How to Test Alligator Clips

alligator clip wires

In this article, we go over how to test alligator clips- to check whether it is good or not.

Many times in circuits, we use alligator clips to connect various parts of circuits together.

For example, we may connect a DC power supply to a circuit through a pair of alligator clips.

Even though it is rare, some times the circuit may not work because the alligator clips are bad. If the alligator clips are bad, then it will not play the role of a good connector in the circuit, meaning it will not electrically connect elements in a circuit. Thus, the circuit will lack continuity and will not be able to function.

If a circuit is discontinuous and you're using alligator clips, then the alligator clips may be the part which is suspected to be bad.

This is not a problem, as alligator clips are very easy to test to determine whether it is good or faulty.

To test alligator clips, all we need is a multimeter which has a continuity tester.

Being that the only purpose of alligator clips is to electrically connect elements in a circuit, the only property that it has is it should be continuous from one clip all the way through to the end clip.

For example, look at the alligator clip wire shown below:

alligator wire clips

To test this alligator wire clip, we take the multimeter and place it in continuity mode. We place one probe on one clip and the other probe on the other clip on the end of the wire.

This is shown below:

testing alligator clips

If the continuity beeps, signaling the ends are continuous, then the alligator wire is good. If it does not, there is some break in the electrical connection of the alligator wire; it is faulty and should be discarded and replaced with a good alligator wire.

And this is the most simple and only needed test to check whether alligator clip wire is good or not.

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