What is an Infrared LED?

Infrared LED

An infrared LED is an LED that is designed to emit infrared light, which are photons that have wavelengths between 880 and 940 nanometers (nm).

Infrared LEDS, many of the times, are used in conjunction with photosensors, such as a photodiodes, photoresistors, and phototransistors, in circuits such as remote-control circuits, such as those used for TV remotes or intrusion alarms.

Infrared LEDS tend to have a narrower viewing angle when compared with a visible-light LED so that transmitted information can be directed efficiently. This is why, for example, an infrared remote must be pointed directly (or pretty close to direct) at the receiving end in order for the receiving circuit to be responsive.

Photon output is characterized in terms of output power per specific forward current. Typical outputs range from around 0.50mW/20mA to 8mW/50mA. Maximum forward voltages at specific forward currents range from about 1.6V at 20mA to 2V at 100mA.

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