Op Amp Specifications
Transition Frequency

Op amp Specifications

The transition frequency of an op amp is the point in a frequency range where an op amp no longer provides any gain. At this frequency, the gain of the op amp is equal to 1, which means it produces no gain of the input signal. Above the transition frequency, an op amp can no longer produce any gain at all; it is the cutoff point.

The transition frequency of an op amp is given on a datasheet as a single frequency. Usually the transition frequency is in the megahertz (MHz) range, ranging from 1 MHz to several hundred MHz. For example, the transition frequency of a 741 op amp is 1 MHz. This means that the op amp will not produce any gain above a 1 MHz in frequency.

Below is a chart of the transition frequency of an op amp:

Op Amp Gain vs. Frequency Chart

You can see how the transition frequency is the cutoff frequency of op amp gain. Above this frequency, the op amp is incapable of producing any gain because the frequency has exceeded the range the op amp was designed for.

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