Parkland Formula Calculator

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Parkland Formula=
2-4mL of Lactated Ringer's Solution * body weight (in kg) * (% of TBSA burned)=
total fluid requirements for the first 24 hours after burn




The Parkland Formula allows us to calculate how much fluid a person should receive who has received burns.

The amount of fluid that should be given is calculated according to the Parkland formula, which is Parkland Formula = 2-4mL of fluid * body weight (in kg) * Total Body Surface Area that is burned.

How much fluid a person should receive also depends on the person's body weight. A lighter person will need less fluids, while a heavier person will need more fluids.

The total body surface area is calculated according to the rule of nines and represents the total amount of the person's body that has sustained burns. This number can vary from 1% to 100%. The rule of nines states that total body surface area can be calculated according to the following percentages allocated to each body part.

Body percentage worth:

Front of head: 4.5%
Back of head: 4.5%
Chest and Abdomen: 18%
Back: 18%
Front of Right Arm: 4.5%
Back of Right Arm: 4.5%
Front of Left Arm: 4.5%
Back of Left Arm: 4.5%
Front of Right Leg: 9%
Back of Right Leg: 9%
Front of Left Leg: 9%
Back of Left Leg: 9%
Genitalia: 1%

Adding up all of these values will give a total percentage of 100. The more of the body that sustains burns, the more fluid a person will need because there will be more fluid loss.

The usual substance that will be given via IV fluid is Lactated Ringer's Solution. Lactated Ringer's will cause the pH to increase, because people who have sustained burns are usually in a metabolic acidotic state. Therefore, lactated Ringer's help to increase and neutralize the pH.

IV pumps infuse IV solutions.

In case you are working on an electronic device that will emit fluids, knowing the Parkland formula will mathematically the amount of fluids that would need to be administered.

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