Polyester Capacitors

Polyester Capacitor

Polyester capacitors are capacitors composed of metal plates with polyester film between them, or a metallised film is deposited on the insulator.

Polyester capacitors are available in the range 1nF to 15µF, and with working voltages from 50V to 1500V.

They come with the tolerance ranges of 5%, 10%, and 20%.

They have a high temperature coefficient.

They have high isolation resistance, so they are good choice capacitors for coupling and/or storage applications.

Compared with most other types, polyester capacitors have high capacitance per unit volume. This means more capacitance can fit into a physically smaller capacitor. This feature, together with their relatively low price makes polyester capacitors a widely used, popular, and cheap capacitor.

They are used in moderately high-frequency circuits and audio and oscillator circuits.

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