Polypropylene Capacitors

Polypropylene Capacitor

Polypropylene capacitors are capacitors that have a dielectric that is made of polypropylene film.

Polypropylene capacitors cover the value range of 100pf to 10µF.

One of their main and key features is their high working voltage. Polypropylene types with working voltages up to 3000V are made. These features make polypropylene capacitors useful in circuits in which operating voltages are typically high. These include power supply circuits, power amplifiers, particularly valve amplifiers and TV circuits.

Another key feature of polypropylene capacitors is their great tolerance values. Tolerance is about 1 percent, so it's pretty precisely near its nominal value. Polypropylene capacitors are used when a better tolerance is needed than what a polyester capacitor can provide.

Polypropylene capacitors also have high isolation resistance, which makes them a good choice for coupling and/or storage applications.

Polypropylene capacitors exhibit stable capacitance for frequencies below 100KHz.

These capacitors are used for noise suppression, blocking, bypassing, coupling, filtering, and timing. They are good capacitors at handling pulses.

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