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Potential energy calculator

Potential energy formula



This potential energy calculator calculates the potential energy of an object based on the object's mass, m, the gravity, g, putting force down on the object, and the object's height, h, from the ground, according to the formula shown above. Potential energy is the amount of energy which an object has before it commences motion; in other words, it's the potential energy an object has or can be in.

To use this calculator, a user just enters the mass, m, of the object, measured in grams (g), the gravity, g, pushing down on the object, measured in meters per second (m/s), and the height, h, that the object has, measured in meters (m). The result of the computation is in unit joules (J).

A potential energy calculator can be useful for electronics such as when working with electronic devices that use gravitational potential energy to make decisions, such as in accelerometers. Accelerometers are devices that use different forces, gravity being one of them, to decide output in circuitry. This is how devices such as the nintendo wii controllers and cameras that flip pictures horizontally and vertically when turned on the appropriate sides operate. The accelerometers senses the G force, or gravitational force, and acts appropriately based on what it is designed to do. Many other electronic devices and components use gravitational energy to make circuit decisions.

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