Stress Calculator

Stress formula

Force, F: N

This stress calculator calculates the stress experienced within a solid.

The stress is the magnitude of the acting force divided by the area over which it acts on a solid object.

Stress equals the force/area of surface on which the force acts.

To use this calculator, a user enters the force in unit Newtons and the area in unit meters squared and clicks the 'Calculate' button, and the stress will automatically be computed and shown below. The resultant stress is expressed in unit N/m2, or pascals. The SI unit of stress is the pascal (Pa), where 1 Pa= 1 N/m2.

Looking at the formula for stress, you can see that the smaller or more narrow the cross-sectional area, the greater the stress on the object. Conversely, the larger or wider the cross-sectional area, the smaller the stress on the object.

Force is even more direct. The greater the force, the more stress. The lesser the force, the less stress.

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