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Systick reload value formula

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The SysTick Reload Value Register is found in all ARM cortex microcontrollers.

It is often used as a time-base for real-time operating systems, used for taking actions periodically.

The SysTick is a 24-bit down counter driven by the processor clock.

This calculator calculates the SysTick Reload Value to be loaded into the SysTick Reload Value Register to achieve a delay of some specified value. The formula is, SysTick Reload Value= System Clock x Delay Desired.

The system clock is the processor clock that is drives the ARM processor. This value is normally megahertz, but can be in another denomination.

The delay desired is the wanted delay for the processor code. For example, if you want a circuit to blink an LED once every second, you would provide a 1-second delay.

As an example, let's say that you want a 1ms delay and the processor clock is 16MHz, what would the SysTick Reload Value be? So, again, the formula is, SysTick Reload Value= System Clock x Delay Desired= (16MHz)(1ms)= 16,000.

To use this calculator, a user simply needs to enter the system clock and the delay desired, and then click the 'Submit' button. The result of the SysTick Reload Value will then be automatically displayed.

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