Upload Your Tech Videos

Big dog boston dynamics robot

On this page, you can upload any tech video that you want.

If you have any videos that you have related to electronics/programming/anything tech, you can upload it to this page.

It's just a great chance to get free publicity.

Yes, there is youtube. But this is another platform to put your content to promote it.

Remember, it must be tech related.

As long as it is tech-related, it will stay on the site. If it is not tech-related, it will most likely to be taken down.

Again, this can be anything related to tech, as long as you own it.

Anything copyrighted videos will be taken down.

Thanks for your compliance.

Now let's see your videos.

Note that this video uploader only accepts the video formats mp4, ogg, and webm. All other formats will not work.

Upload Your Tech Videos


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David www.learningaboutelectronics.com Astable Multivibrator Circuit with transistors

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