What are Woofer Speakers?

Woofer Speakers

Woofer speakers are speakers that are meant to play out low-frequency (bass) sounds with good audio quality.

Certain speakers play out sounds well that are low frequency (bass). These are called woofer speakers. Another group of spkeakers called midrange speakers play out midrange sounds well. The other group of speakers, tweeters, play out high-frequency sounds well.

Woofer speakers normally are pretty large in size. To play out low-frequency sounds, the speakers must be large, phyiscally. This is because low-frequency sounds have long wavelengths, which only large speakers are able to reproduce well. To play out high-frequency sounds with decent audio quality, speakers normally are small. This is because high frequency sounds have short wavelengths, which only small speakers can reproduce well.

In speaker crossover networks, which are networks that divert low, mid and high frequencies to different sets of speakers, low-frequency sounds are diverted to woofers, since they play low frequencies with the best audio quality.

Speaker Crossover Network

Woofers are most effective for playing out low frequency sounds.

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