What is a Speaker Crossover Network?

Speaker Crossover Network

A Speaker Crossover Network is a network that filters input audio sound signals by frequency, diverting the low-frequency sounds to a woofer, mid-frequency sounds to a midrange speaker, and high-frequency sounds to a tweeter.

The reason why we form a network of these different speakers is because different speakers play different sounds better than others. We incorporate all these speakers to play the best possible quality audio we can. A woofer is a speaker that plays out low-frequency (bass) sounds with great audio quality. A tweeter would play out bass poorly. However, it plays out high frequency sounds with great quality. And the same goes for midrange. A midrange speaker plays out midrange well but not so good very low or high frequencies.Therefore, we incorporate all three of these speakers into a network (of speakers). To get a good speaker system, it's best to incorporate a woofer, midrange speaker, and tweeter together so that you get the best audio from the full audio spectrum, which is from 20 to 20,000Hz.

However, simply connecting these speakers in parallel will not work because each speaker will be receiving frequencies outside its natural frequency response range.

What you need is a filter network that filters out the input audio signals by frequency. Therefore, low frequency signals are diverted to the woofer. Mid-frequency signals are diverted to the midrange speaker. And high-frequency signals are diverted to the tweeter.

Speaker Crossover Network

A filter network that is used for this sort of application is called a crossover network.

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