What is an Electric Current?

Electric Current

Electrical and electronic devices work because of electric current.

Electric current is a flow of electric charge. The electric charge usually consists of the movement of negatively charged electrons. However, in semiconductors, there are also positive charge carriers called holes. Current is measured in a unit called amperes (A).

Methods In Which Electric Current Is Generated

These are the most common ways to generate electric current:

Magnetically- This method involves creating electric current by moving electrons in a wire with a magnet. When a magnet is moved along a wire or a wire is moved across a magnetic field, this creates the induction of electrons in the wire, which creates electric current.

Chemically- This method involves creating electric current by electrochemical generation of electrons. This occurs from reactions between chemials and electrodes, such as in batteries.

Photovoltaically-This involves creating electric current by using light as in the initial energy source. When light strikes semiconductor crystals, the energy of the light is converted to electric current.

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