What is Mono Recording?

Mono Audio

Mono recording is recording that is done on one single channel. This is in contrast to stereo recording, which is recording done on two separate channels composing of left and right sound inputs.

Mono recording is the most commonly used type of recording. Although it may seem like stereo recording may always be the better option to record in, since there are two channels of left and right sound inputs instead of only the one which mono uses, for many applications, recording in stereo is completely unnecessary. Mono recording is used a great deal of the time, especially when a user is recording static speech. Dynamic music, for the most part, almost always uses stereo to record all the different elements in music to create the surround sound effect, but for static applications, such as when using dictating speech in speech recognition programs or when recording a plain text message, mono is used, with stereo offering no further advantage.

Mono recording is more common than stereo recording because most recording devices are one-microphone devices. Unless the recording device being used is specifically an array microphone, it can only record in mono, since it doesn't have multiple microphones to record on different channels. Unless desiring surround sound recording, for most general applications, mono recording is sufficient to meet a user's needs.

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