What is the Autoset Button on an Oscilloscope?

Autoset Button on Oscilloscope

The Autoset Button on an oscilloscope is a button that will measure the input signals that are fed into the oscilloscope and will find some range that the signal falls into and then display it on the oscilloscope so that the signal can be viewed by the user. In this way, the Autoset button acts as an "autoranger" in that it finds a range that the signal falls into and traces it on the screen so that one can see at least some part of the signal on the oscillosocpe.

When you press the autoset button, it can show you the signal literally on any range, so once you can at least see some aspect of the signal on the screen, you just have to tweak it to be displayed how you want it to by modifying the ranges somewhat to your preference or needs.

Not all oscilloscopes have an autoset button. Only digital oscilloscopes come with an autoset button. Analog oscilloscopes never have this button or feature, because the autoranging is a process that is only implemented digitally. However, since digital oscilloscopes are becoming more and more commonly used, more oscilloscopes come with an autoset button, and this is largely becoming an industry standard. This feature remains very popular because, with one press, the user can find the signal he is looking for instead of having to manually adjust the ranges all by himself from scratch.

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