What is the Maximum Current Consumption of a Microphone?

Maximum Current Consumption of Microphone

The Maximum Current Consumption of a microphone is the maximum amount of current that a microphone should be fed. If more current is fed into the microphone than the maximum current consumption specified, the microphone can be damaged or destroyed, and rendered useless and nonfunctional; thus, it will no longer be useful for recording signals. Always check the datasheet for the microphone in use and check the maximum current consumption specified. When designing a microphone circuit, make sure that you use a current below this amount. For example, the maximum current consumption for a microphone may be around 0.5 milliamperes. Normally, in an electronic circuit with microphones, microamperes are used. When designing a circuit, current normally should never get as high as to reach 0.5 milliamperes. But the specification is still good ground as to know the maximum current tolerance for a microphone circuit.

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