What is the Particular Response of a Circuit?

Particular or forced response of Circuit

The Particular Response (also called the Forced Response) of a Circuit is the response of a circuit which contains an energy storage element (a capacitor and/or inductor) to the power source of the circuit.

Above is a circuit in which the particular response can be seen. This circuit has two energy storage elements, a capacitor and an inductor. Its particular response can be observed to the power source present, which is Vs. It is called the particular response because depending on the exact power source, 'its response will be "particular" to that source. If the power source is 10cost(1000t) it will have a different particular response to a power source of 36u(t)volts.

Another name for this response is the forced response, because there is a power source in the circuit, which is seen as a forced input for the circuit, since it is the only active device.

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