Electronics Projects For Dummies

Great Book For Lots of Great Practical Projects

Electronics Projects for Dummies

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This is a great, must-have book if you want to learn practical electronics projects that you can do. In this book, you will learn a lot, from skills to learning how to solder, if you don't already know this, to wiring up microphones,

In this book, the projects that are done include:

  • Lighting Different LEDs Based on the Frequency of Sound Into the Circuit
  • Creating a Parabolic Microphone that picks up faint noises
  • Creating a Talking Toy (Mermaid) that Speaks Programmed Phrases
  • Creating an AM Radio
  • Creating a Pumpkin that lights up and plays a recorded sound when someone passes
  • Creating Dancing Dolphins from using timer chips and decade counters
  • Creating a Go-Kart and use Infrared to control it
  • Creating your own metal detector
  • Creating a vehicle that has sensors to follow a path of electrical tape you place on the floor
  • Creating a Vibration Sensor device that speaks a prerecorded sound when the device is vibrated

These are all very practical projects which will teach you a lot about electronic concepts and how circuits work. You'll be working with many, many different kind of chips, resistors, capacitors, transistors, batteries, LEDs, soldering irons, wires, terminal blocks. You'll learn a lot in the process.

The book is full of many wonderful pictures and illustrations so that you have visual references of all the projects and steps you are to do. I highly recommend it.

Click here if you want to purchase this book now on Amazon