Electronics Circuits and Systems

Very Clear and Effortless Content Book For Learning Electronics Concepts

Electronics circuits and systems

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Electronics Circuits and Systems is a great book for learning the conceptual aspect of electronics. The author, Owen Bishop, explains the topics clearly, with very easy and clear examples to back up the theory learned. There are many diagrams and illustrations to help understand all the electronics subject matters.

The best thing about the book is the clarity and ease with how the topics are presented. The book effortlessly and clearly explains all the basic and fundamental electronics topics. The subject matters are presented in a very practical way, keeping eye on what really matters, instead of just heavy theory. This is a great book. I highly recommend it to understand the conceptual side of electronics.

This book goes over all the basic and intermediate concepts of electronics.

In this book, the content that is covered is:

    Part 1- Circuits
  • Resistors, Diodes, Transistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Fields
  • MOSFET, BJET, JFET, Operational and Power Amplifiers
  • Active Filters
  • Oscillators, Thyristors, and Triacs
  • Power Supplies
  • Logical Circuits, Operations, Combinations, Sequences
  • Counters, Registers, and Display Devices
  • Converter Circuits and Integrated Circuits
  • Part 2- Systems
  • Audio and Video Systems
  • Noise
  • Telecommunications
  • Cable, Optical and Radio Transmission
  • Instrumentation, Electronic Control, and Process Control Systems
  • Systems with Faults
  • Part 3- Microelectronic Systems
  • Input and Output
  • Processing
  • Programming and Programming Languages
  • Robotic Systems and Neural Networks

If you want to learn all the theory and concepts of electronics, this is the book to get and read. This book practically has it all and well-explained.

Click here if you want to purchase this book now on Amazon