How to create a Pop-up Title When a User Hovers Over a Link Using HTML


In this article, we show how to make a pop-up title appear when a user hovers over a link.

You've more than likely seen this already on the web that when you hover over a link, a pop-up appears giving you information.

Using nothing but HTML, you can create a link that creates a pop-up title or caption which can display any message you want it to.

Hover over the link below to see for yourself.

You see that when you hover over it, the caption "Enter This Website" appears. This is what is meant by a pop-up title or caption.

HTML Code to Create Pop-up Caption

To create this yourself in HTML, the general format to do so is shown below.

To create our the caption which was made above, the code to do is:

The target="_blank" statement is just added so that the link will open in a new window.

Creating a pop-up caption in HTML when a user hovers over a link is very straight forward. All you must add is the title attribute to the anchor tag and set it equal within double quotes ("") to whatever text you want displayed.

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