What are Earbud Headphones?

Earbud Headphones

Earbud headphones are small headphones that are meant to be placed inside the ears of a person for listening.

They are the smallest of all headphones, smaller than circumaural headphones and supra-aural headphones; thus, they make for the best type of headphones for ease of portability. They can fit even in the smallest compartments in travel, such a user's shirt or pants pocket.

Despite being the best headphones for portability purposes, earbud headphones do have some drawbacks. Some users find it uncomfortable or annoying to have rigid plastic pieces, which is what earbud headphones are usually made of, in their ears. For these users, an external headphone, one which is not placed in the ears, would work better and be of more comfort. So in a case like this, circumaural or supra-aural headphones would be a better choice. Another drawback of earbud headphones is that they normally come in a standard set size and aren't adjustable. Thus, they may or may not fit well in a person's ears. If too small, they can easily slip out of a person's ears when the user is listening to music. If too large, they won't fit in the ears at all. A third drawback of earbud headphones is being that they don't fit perfectly in the ear or enclose over it, they don't shut out outside noise well. Thus, they don't have great noise cancellation of ambient noises. Circumaural headphones, which completely enclose over a user's ears, isolate from outside noises to a much greater extent and thus are better noise-cancelling headphones. Earbud headphones allow in a great deal of ambient noise so when a user is listening to music or whatever desired sound he wants to hear, he will also hear to some extent the outside ambient noises that are present.

Earbud headphones are a good choice of headphones when portability is the most important consideration. They can be tucked into any type of compartment in travelling. If a user doesn't want to be boggled down with large headphones, earbuds are the best choice. Earbud headphones are also a great choice when price is a consideration. Earbud headphones can be found for very cheap prices and can typically be purchased at discount stores for $0.99. Supra-aural headphones can also be purchased for cheap prices, comparable to that of earbud headphones, but circumaural headphones normally are much more expensive.So when portability and price are the most important factors with noise cancellation ability not too important, earbud headphones are great headphones to use.

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