What is the Power Rating of a Resistor?
Resistor Tolerance
What are Resistors Used For?
Resistors in Series and in Parallel
Thermistor Resistance- Explained

Resistor Types
Types of Resistors

By Composition
Carbon-composition Resistor
Carbon-film Resistor
Metal-film Resistors

By Function
What are Cement Resistors?
What is a Fusible Resistor?
What is a Precision Resistor?
What are Power Wirewound Resistors?
What are Zero-ohm Resistors?
Pull up and Pull down Resistors- Explained

Variable Resistors
Types of Variable Resistors
What is a Rheostat?
What is a Thermistor?

Resistor Circuits
How to Connect a Pull Up Resistor
How to Connect a Pull Down Resistor
How to Build a Simple Thermistor Circuit
How to Build a Simple Force sensing resistor (FSR) Circuit

Troubleshooting Resistors
How to Test a Resistor
How to Test a Thermistor

Resistor Calculators
Tolerance Calculator
Parallel and Series Resistor Calculator
Resistance Calculator
Resistivity Calculator
Parts Per Million (PPM) Calculator
Thermal Time Constant Calculator

Resistor Experiments
Create Your Own Resistor (Using a Pencil Lead)
Measure the Resistance of Your Tongue