Circuit Concepts


Circuit Elements/Concepts
What is the Nominal Value of a Component?
What is a Live Circuit?
Why does a Circuit Always Have to Have Ground?
What is the Admittance of a Circuit?
What is Impedance?
How to Increase Voltage in a Circuit
Source Transformation of Circuits
What is an Active Low Device?
What is an Active High Device?
Why Transistors Need Biasing
Why Driving a P-channel MOSFET is Easier Than an N-channel MOSFET
How to Calculate the Capacitance or Inductance of an LC Resonant Circuit
How to Build a First Battery Management System Circuit for a 1 Cell Lithium Battery
Charge Current of a Battery Management System
How to Build a 1-Cell Lithium Ion Battery Standalone Charger

Circuit Analysis
AC Circuit Analysis- Time to Frequency Domain Conversion
Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL)
Kirchhoff's Current Law (KCL)
Superposition Theorem
Thevenin's Theorem
Norton's Theorem

Specialized Circuits
High Pass Filter
Low Pass Filter
Differential Circuits

Logic Gates
How to Build a NOT Gate with a Transistor
How to Build an AND Gate with Transistors
How to Build a NAND Gate with Transistors
How to Build an OR Gate with Transistors
How to Build a NOR Gate with Transistors

Circuit Calculators
Impedance Calculator
Impedance Matching Calculator
Time Constant Calculator
Cut-off Frequency Calculator
Low Pass Filter Calculator
High Pass Filter Calculator
Decibel (dB) Calculator
Center of Mass Calculator
Electric Field Calculator
Electric Force Calculator
Magnetic Flux Calculator
Magnetic Force Calculator
Torque Calculator