Electrical Concepts


What is Voltage?
What is an Ideal Voltage Source?
What is a Constant Voltage Source?
What is an Ideal Current Source?
What is a Constant Current Source?
What is Open Circuit Voltage?
What is Bias Voltage?
What is Negative Voltage?
What is an Electric Current?
How Can You Create Low Voltage But High Current?
Why are Sine Waves So Used and Important?
What is a Kilowatt (KW)?
What is a Kilowatt Hour (KWh)?
RMS Voltage and Current- Explained
What is Peak Voltage?
What is Peak-to-Peak Voltage (VPP)?
How to Increase Voltage in a Circuit
How to Reduce Voltage with Resistors
How to Obtain Negative Voltage from a DC Power Supply or Battery
How to Read a Digital Voltage in Circuitry
Why Transistors Need Biasing
Why Driving a P-channel MOSFET is Easier Than an N-channel MOSFET
How to Calculate the Capacitance or Inductance of an LC Resonant Circuit
When to Use a 24V or 48V Battery System Instead of a 12V System
How to Calculate the Maximum Output Power of a Power Inverter
How to Increase the Power Output of Your DC Power Supply
Paralleling of MOSFET Transistors in Power Electronics
Why Is it Advantageous for Switching Power Supplies to Operate at High Frequencies?
Switching Power Supply Operation Modes
How to Build a First Battery Management System Circuit for a 1 Cell Lithium Battery
Charge Current of a Battery Management System
How to Build a 1-Cell Lithium Ion Battery Standalone Charger

Power circuits
Current Divider Circuit

Circuits to Handle Power
How to Build an Overvoltage Protection Circuit
How to Build a Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Circuit
How to Build a Current Sensor Circuit with an External Amplifier for a BMS

Current Divider Calculator
Resistivity Calculator
Voltage Divider Calculator
Capacitor Voltage Divider Calculator
Voltage RMS Calculator
Peak Voltage (VP) Calculator
Peak to Peak (VPP) Calculator
Potential Energy Calculator
Electric Potential Energy Calculator
Kinetic Energy Calculator
Work Calculator
Ohm's Law Calculator
Power Calculator

Logic Gate Operation Simualtor

Power for Computers
How Many Volts Does a USB Port Supply?
How Much Power Does a USB Port Supply?