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Capacitor Specifications

Capacitors in Series and in Parallel
What does the Voltage Rating on a Capacitor Mean?
Capacitor Specifications/Characteristics
How to Calculate the Current Through a Capacitor
How to Calculate the Voltage Across a Capacitor
Capacitive Reactance
Capacitor Equations
Tantalum Capacitor Polarity Markings
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Capacitor Schematic Symbols
Capacitor Schematic Symbols

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What is a Coupling Capacitor?
What is a Decoupling Capacitor?
What is a Bypass Capacitor?
What is a Smoothing Capacitor?
Filter Capacitor- Explained
Capacitive Voltage Divider

Unwanted Capacitance
What is Stray Capacitance?

Measuring Capacitance
How to Measure Capacitance

Troubleshooting Capacitors
How to Test a Capacitor

Capacitor Circuits
RC Circuits
RC Time Constant of a Capacitor
Capacitor Charging
Capacitor Discharging
LC Circuits
How to Build an LC Resonant Circuit
How to Build an LC Tank Circuit
Peak Detector Circuit
Peak Voltage Detector Circuit
Filter Circuits
How to Build a Passive Bandpass Filter Circuit

Capacitor Calculators
Capacitor Code Calculator
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